A Little More About Me

I was born in Quebec and moved to Ontario with my mom and brother when I was young. I played a lot of Nintendo and Sega Games growing up. As I grew up I realized that I loved math and science. I taught myself how to play alto saxophone when I was in grade 7 and played throughout most of my life. I started to tinker with computers in high school and I loved tearing them apart and rebuilding them again. I also started playing a lot of RPG games like Final Fantasy for the amount of content that was in the game at that time.

Recently, I have started to learn bass guitar but with my studies, it is slow going. I'm also refreshing my French, I feel that it is extreemly important to be multilingual and I love languages. After French, I will move on to learning Japanese.

Some of my interests include reading books like the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series by George R. R. Martin and any of the adult series by Kelley Armstrong, I love muscle cars and of course video games.