Things I have Created

Here are some of the games that I have created.

Next up is a Unity3D prototype. I was tasked to make a third person 3D game. I wanted to make a survival game and what is better then zombie squirrels but killer blobs (and colourful killer blobs no less). So the object is to get to 1000 points before you die. I love playing this one, even if it's just a prototype (Not a bad game for a couple of days work). The character is cute and the blobs must die....


Below is my first ever Unity 5.2 project. I was tasked to make a 2D endless runner. I have build a web version of the game so that you can test it out if you like. The controls are simple, you can jump by pressing the space bar or mouse click, you jump higher the longer you hold the button and you can double jump by presses them twice. More details about the game can be found Here.


This is my final project Unity2D. I had to make a strategy game that the player had no control over the attacking. I decided to make a Plants vs Zombies type game. There are three levels. Each level gets a little harder due to added enemies and having to survive for a longer period of time. You select what type of defender you would like to place from the shadowed menu at the top left and then click on the space you would like to place it. No attacker must reach the left side, if they do you lose. Survive the timer and win. More details about the game can be found Here.


Here is my very first game I ever made. I made it using JavaScript during my first 4 weeks into my course at TriOS College. Click Here to play my quick Mario game. *Warning* there is sound and music and should be played in Chrome.

I also have a text-based game called The Rabbit Hole that I did in C++, that I am going to expand and hopefully develop into an App.

You can download the level from Alien Swarm that I created using their SDK Here.

You can download the King of the Hill level for Team Fortress 2 that I created using Hammer Here.

This is an air ship that I created using Maya. Click Here to play the rendered video of it.

I have developed a match 3 game called SuperSwap using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for my final project in a advanced HTML course. It plays like most match 3 games but when you make a match more time is added to the timer and every 5 levels there are new tiles that get added to the game. Click Here to play it. *There are sound effects.

I have created a 3D prototype for the DirectX11 block Here called Attack of the Zombie Squirrels. I was given this week long project to give me hands on experience with using DirectX on a small scale to give me an idea of the amount of work that goes into just a simple prototype. I have implemented some models to render, picking, billboarding, fog and lighting are to name a few things. The game itself is based on the idea that all the squirrels in the world have contracted the zombie virus instead of people. They have gone on a killing rampage(of course) and most of the people of the world have succumbed to them. You(the player) are "lucky" enough to have survived the initial attack, so you must survive until help can arrive. You move with the "WASD" keys and use your mouse to look around and turn. You click on the zombie squirrels(represented by "Zombie boxes" because I am not an atist) to destroy them and if you destroy enough before the timer runs out you win, if not then the government nukes the place and you were just collateral damage.

I continued one of my previous projects for my last submission. I expanded on the level design and add more functionality. I am very happy with the outcome of this project and have decided that I'm going to release it. I'm going to add some in-app purchases and monotize it slightly with a small banner. I am also going to hire an artist to redue some of my art (so it looks "prettier"). When I release it, I will put a link for it here.

Other Things I have Created Along the Way

Currently working on an Andriod and Windows 10 game, to be released in the spring.